Top Ten Most Gruesome Jurassic Park Deaths

Jurassic Park has had some of the most memorable deaths in all on cinematic history. So, it seems fair to try and list the top ten most gruesome ones. We will be listing deaths from the first four movies, so lets start with number ten!

10. Dog – The Lost World

The child’s dog from The Lost World, for me, is a really hard death. I mean, everyone is okay with some random dude dying because a dinosaur ate him, but a poor dog!? He didn’t deserve that!

9.  Security Guard – Jurassic World


This poor guy. So afraid, and he knew it was coming. Luckily his death was fast, which is more then I can say for most of these deaths.

8. T-Rex – Jurassic Park 3


One of the best parts of Jurassic Park 3 is the fight between the T-Rex and the Spinosaurus. The outcome of this battle was not what I was hoping for, but proved that the Spinosaurus was a worthy opponent. The fight ended with the neck of the T-Rex being twisted and broken.

7. Simon Masarani – Jurassic World


Simon made a valiant effort to keep the Edominus Rex away from the people. But when his helicopter got tangled in Pterodactyl’s he was unfortunately killed in a huge explosion that pretty much led to the rest of the deaths in the movie.

6. Udesky – Jurassic Park 3


In his final moments of life, he tries to crawl to safety, but everyone knew it was a wasted effort. Good try man, but you can beat the “Clever Girl”.

5. Robert Muldoon – Jurassic Park


Robert was probably the one that knew the most about Velociraptors in the Jurassic Park series before Owen came along. Which makes his death sad, and kind of surprising.

4. Dennis Nedry – Jurassic Park


Dennis maybe a traitor, but no one deserves a death like this. First having to struggle through the mud and rain, then being blinded by the acid the Dilophosaurus sprayed on him, and then being eaten alive. Quite an entertaining death, but horrible all the same.

3. Donald Gennaro – Jurassic Park


Donald, who had just run away like a coward from the car with the KIDS IN IT deserves this death. He will forever be known as the guy that was eaten on the toilet in Jurassic Park.

2. Eddie Carr – The Lost World


He was just trying to help his friends from dying, but unfortunately in the heat of the moment he wasn’t paying attention as the pair of T-Rexes came up and decided to split their meal in half. But, in his last moments of life he did save three of his friends. Sort of.

1. Zara Young – Jurassic World


Being tossed around by several different dinosaurs, and then finally being killed by the Mosasaurus, I feel like she had one of the most prolonged deaths in Jurassic Universe. According to Colin Trevorrow she was killed because her actions made it so she deserved it. Even Dr. Grant himself was speechless after this death.


Which Jurassic Park death was the worst for you? Who did you feel the worst for? Let us know in the comments, or connect with us on Facebook! 

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