Top Ten Spider-Man Villains



Flint Marco stumbles into a nuclear testing site, and his skin bonds to radioactive sand, letting him become a pile of sand at will. He is able to squeeze into tight spaces and move easily as he can just become sand. Flint has a bad past, being brought up without a father and he struggles with trying to be good, but doesn’t have much success. Sandman is one of Spider-Man’s toughest foes, even if he doesn’t want to be.



There have been several versions of this character, but Quentin Beck takes the Mysterio cake. Mysterio can create illusions through stagecraft, hypnotism, robotic duplicates and chemicals. He is pretty much an evil magician with extremely scary and convincing tricks. Mysterio has even fought two Spider-Men at once.



Venom is the exact opposite of Spider-Man. He showed Spider-Man what he would become if he wasn’t responsible with his powers. Eddie Brock was fueled with jealousy and resentment. Venom’s suit is an alien symbiote that Spider-Man had previously rejected. When it connected to Eddie it gave him intimate information about Peter’s life, family and friends. He was able to torture Peter and it made him a great villain. Over the years he has become more of an Anti-Hero and is considered a “lethal protector”. He became an Anti-Hero when the Venom symbiote was taken by the Government and given to Flash Thompson who had lost his legs in the war.

Doctor Octopus


Doctor Ock is my favorite Spider-Man villain. An extremely talented scientist, and he is an incredible smart man. During a freak lab accident he fused four large mechanical arms to his back, and they gave him incredible strength and endurance. He does crazy things. He was a founding member of the Sinister Six, He swapped minds with Peter, killed him and took over his life as the Superior Spider-Man, and he even almost got married to Aunt May! He is the definition of a big bad horrible villain.

Green Goblin


Norman Osborn was the father of Spider-Man’s best friend Harry. Norman got his powers from a failed science experiment just like a ton of other heroes and villains. You could almost argue he is the evil Tony Stark. Tons of money, and he has a huge amount of weapons and tech at his disposal.  He is the man responsible for the death of Spider-Man’s first love Gwen Stacey. The Green Goblin was the first comic villain I had ever seen as a kid, and he was a pretty good one.

The Lizard


The Lizard’s real name is Curt Connors. Curt was desperate to find a serum to restore his lost limb. He made a serum from reptilian DNA and when he took it he literally transformed into a Lizard. He tries to suppress the lizard, you can really see the internal struggle but when trying to bring his arm back, he lost everything else. The serum changed the composition of his brain, and made him a lot more violent. He even killed his son during one of his transformations.

The Vulture


The Vulture is one of Spider-Man’s first villains. Adrian Toomes wears a flight suit and he terrorizes New York City. A few people have dawned The Vultures suit throughout the years, and he always seems to be a viable foe for Spider-Man.



Electro can harness electricity because of an incident where he was struck by lightning. He was once an engineer named Maxwell Dillon. As Dillon aged his powers have become stronger, but he has become more unstable. Spider-Man use to be able to fight him with an insulated suit and gloves, but even that doesn’t work anymore.



Well, not many of Spider-Man’s villains can say that they had the chance to kill him, but Kraven can. He didn’t because he is pretty much insane. He fights Spider-Man, wins, shoots him, buries him in  a grave only to find out that he shot Spider-Man with a tranquilizer dart, and he buried him alive. Kraven is one of the best big game hunters in Spider-Man’s universe. But he doesn’t use a gun or spear, he uses his bare hands. He sees Spider-Man as the ultimate prey and will stop at nothing to add him to his collection of kills. He also has a potion that gives him superhuman powers.



Venom was one of the most popular villains in the Spider-Man universe and in an attempt to cash in on that Marvel created Carnage. Carnage was another alien symbiote that connect himself to Cletus Kasady. Carnage has powers that are superior to Spider-Man and Venom combined. Carnage is also given the ability to shape-shift. In the comics, the only thing Carnage is really only interested in Murder, and not any kind of world domination.


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