(Review) The 100: “Red Sky At Morning”

These last couple of episodes this season have really gotten my attention. The action has been good, and at some points i find myself yelling at the screen, a good example of that tonight was when Murphy was trying to decide whether or not to destroy ALIE’s power source.

We start the episode, and we get an unlikely group coming together to defeat ALIE. Murphy, Indra, and Pike. At one point all three of these people have hated each other, and I was really hoping they would succeed, but they came up short handed. Pike is becoming a good guy, which in this show isn’t unheard of. Someone you once hate, turns into someone you start to love. Bellamy is a great example of that.


We get to see Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, and Jasper out on the rig trying to convince Luna to take The Flame. We get a little more backstory on Luna, and what she is about. We learn that she is actually a great warrior, and not a coward. Sometimes I hate the way Clarke handles things. She tries to force The Flame onto Luna, and I didn’t agree with that decision. At this point I think Luna and her people are going to be more enemies than friends.


Poor Jasper. Finally starts to open up and have fun with someone, and she gets shot in the back with an arrow. “It’s what we do” was a heartbreaking line, but had so much truth in it.

The 100 3x14 Promo - Red Sky At Morning

Speaking of terrible things the writers have done. Are they trying to put Monty in a psych ward? Having to kill his mother AGAIN. But at least he has Harper as a shoulder to cry on.

This episode was full of ups and downs, but it sets up a great story for the finale. How will they get to the Ark to destroy ALIE? Are they even going to be able to destroy ALIE this season? Let us know your opinion in the comments, or connect with us on Facebook!

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