A Collection Of Ten Unbelievable Pokemon Go Stories

Pokemon Go has been out in the app store for a little over a month now, and with the level of people walking around and playing the game there are bound to be some good stories. So here is a collection of ten stories that were rather unbelievable.

10. Finding A Dead Body


19-year old Shayla Wiggins from Wyoming was looking to find a rare Pokemon, not a dead body floating in a river. 

Her and a few friends were off hunting Pokemon and their hunting led them to a highway bridge looking over the Wind River near the city of Riverton. They went down near the water’s edge, and saw two deer standing next to a dead body laying in the water.

The cop’s said they had an ongoing investigation on the death, but that they believe it was just an accidental drowning. The teenager says that she was scared, but will still be hunting Pokemon.

9. The Cheater That Got Caught Because Of Pokemon Go


A man named Evan Scribner says that he is currently single because of the location system in Pokemon Go. When you catch a Pokemon in Pokemon Go it tells you where you have caught it.

Apparently Evan’s girlfriend knew where his ex-girlfriend lived. Because she spotted that he had caught a few Pokemon at his exes house.

“She hasn’t contacted me since she found out” Evan told his local news station.

8. The Robbers That Used Lures To Attract People To Certain Areas


Teenagers in O’Fallon, Missouri were being robbed after going to certain Pokestops that were a little off the beaten path. The criminals were using lures to attract people to the Pokestops and then robbing them at gunpoint. 

Shane Baker, 18, Brent Miller, 17, and James Warner, 18  were charged with first degree robbery and armed criminal action when police rolled up and found them sitting in a black BMW staking out the Pokestop near them.

7. Iran Banned Pokemon Go


Iran banned Pokemon Go because of the location based technology.

The “Semi-Official” Isna news agency stated that apps that use this technology need to request permission if they wish to operate nationwide, and Pokemon Go has not asked for any such permission.

Another statement made by a senior judicial official named Abdolsamad Khorramabadi said that “There are many problems with the game and security-wise, it can create problems for the country and our people.”

6. Olympic Gymnast Gets a Cell Phone Bill Of $5,000 Because Of Pokemon Go


Kohei Uchimura downloaded Pokemon Go when he landed in Brazil for the Pre-Olympic training. He told news that he had been hit with a 500,000 yen ($5,000) bill because he hadn’t realized he was roaming. 

But after calling his phone company, and explaining the charges they were able to knock the bill down to 3,000 yen ($30).

5. Man’s House Is Pokemon Gym

Some people could have been really upset and caused a huge problem because of the flow of people coming to their house, but it looks like Boon is taking it in stride. 


4. Two Men Fell Off A Cliff


Two drunk men, a twenty-two year old and a twenty-one year old fell off a cliff while playing Pokemon Go. 

Emergency services were called when San Diego lifeguards saw someone fall. When they arrived they found one man eighty feet down the cliff, and another man fifty feet down.

3. Someone got stabbed, and CONTINUED TO PLAY


An Oregon man named Michael Baker got stabbed while playing Pokemon Go, and didn’t stop playing and get medical treatment until he got hungry.

He was in Forest Grove around 1AM, when he say another man approaching him. He asked if the man was playing Pokemon Go, but instead of an answer, he got stabbed. He then continued to play the game, until he went to the convenience store to get food and a drink.

He initially refused medical treatment, but eventually went to the hospital and got eight stitches.

2. Mall Embraces Pokemon Go By Painting A Huge Pokeball In The Lobby


A mall in Albany, New York decided to embrace the Pokemon Go craze by painting a large Pokeball in the middle of their lobby, and encourage people to play the game and shop!

They also put up posters and other Pokemon memorabilia arund the lobby to make it more authentic.

1. A Vaporeon Spawned In Central Park And Caused A Stampede

The stampede was crazy, and all for a Pokemon probably everyone has now. Check out the craziness here!




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