Andrew Lincoln Addresses Season Six Cliffhanger

The end of season six of The Waling Dead was a cliffhanger. Everyone was on their knees just waiting to see who was going to get the business end of Lucille, the scene itself was full of tension, and I know I had a knot in my stomach as he went back and forth trying to decide who to kill. Then the screen went black, and we didn’t get to see what happened.


Fans weren’t happy to say the least, and there was a lot of outrage at the fact that we didn’t see who Negan decided to kill.

Andrew Lincoln was in an interview with Entertainment weekly, and he discussed about what he thought about the fans reaction to the cliffhanger;

I love the fact that everybody is so engaged with it and so opinionated about it. I think it’s a great energy that we feed off. I mean, obviously we don’t want a divided reaction every time we do something as a season finale because then we’d start to be concerned, but we value and respect everybody’s opinion because without it we wouldn’t be here. I sort of keep out of the online stuff. I don’t do any social media. I don’t read reviews, because you can’t just take the good stuff. You have to take the bad stuff as well, and I don’t want to engage in that.

Then he went on to address the fact that many people think they already know what is going to happen, because of the comic books.

I know that there is a very vocal, a very opinionated, fervent fanbase that know the comics and can’t wait to get to certain characters and places. But we’re doing a different thing. Of course it is the same world and we want to honor it, but at the same time I would urge people not to open the presents on Christmas Eve because they’re going to have such a better day amongst all the other peoples and their faces opening it together.


He also talked about what it’s like being in public now.

Every time I leave my house. Every time I go through customs. Every time they are checking my belt going through the security, everybody’s going, “Please tell me. Just tell me. Just whisper, who is it? Is it you? Why are you in England at the moment? What are you doing here? Why are you not working or filming?” and all of that. It’s hilarious. Absolutely insane. So, part of me just goes, well, it’s people talking for a considerable amount of time. Whether you love it or hate it, it has kept people talking.

Who do you think died? Will you be tuning in to see the season seven opener? Tell us in the comments!

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